Visiting Our Church

What should a first-time visitor to Westside Baptist Church expect?

Should I bring anything?
If you have a Bible, please bring it. We can provide a Bible for you to use if you simply ask for it.

How should I conduct myself?
A bulletin is handed to all in the morning service. Simply follow the order of service and/or the one leading the service from the platform.

What about small children?
We have a well-staffed nursery for children through age 3. Unless your children are able to sit quietly without distracting others, we encourage you to allow them to enjoy our nursery—you will certainly enjoy the service more! Each parent is given a pager to take with you into the service so that you may be notified immediately (silent vibration) if necessary.

Am I expected to give money?
No. Our offerings are free-will offerings and no one should feel compelled to give. If you do not wish to give, simply pass the plate on to the next person. No one is watching to see if you give or how much you give.

How long do the services last?
All services generally go for no more than 1 hour.